Collapsible Gurney Cart with Proven Back Saving Design

The slightly smaller brother to our Heavy Duty cart the Easy Loader is our best design for solo operation with loads up to 300 lbs. With a 50″ platform there is plenty of room to work with and the Easy Loader folds to just 7″ when loaded into your vehicle for transport.

If you’re sending two to do the job of one or taking three times as long than necessary you’re wasting time and losing money. But if you are risking injury you’re risking a whole lot more.

Our folding Easy Loader equipment cart is your answer. Using the same proven methods of the patient handling gurney style solutions the Easy Loader from the Ferno Salesmaker line is light weight, easy for one to handle and can easily carry an impressive 300 lbs. with no risk of damage to what you’re hauling or to who is hauling it!

The Easy Loader features wheels that can be extended out past the platform for easier entry into the vehicle. Conveniently located under the platform is the safety lock lever which insures a safe ride. The impressive 7 inch folded height and 22 inch platform width allows for two carts in most all vehicles.


  • Platform Length: 50″ (90.7 kg)
  • Platform Width: 22″ (12.3 kg)
  • Standing Height: 29.5″ (68.6 cm)
  • Folded Height: 7″ (55.9 cm)
  • Overall Length: 55.5″ (63.5 cm)
  • Length Wheels Ext: 63″ (160 cm)
  • Loading Wheel Height: 24″ (61 cm)
  • Load Limit: 300lb (136.1 kg)
  • Overall Weight: 65 lb (29.5 kg)

Easy Loader Manual

Product Manual

Other Available Solutions

Not sure this cart is for you? Here are a few other options you might find helpful. If you find you can't settle on a particular cart, feel free to contact us and we will gladly help you find the cart that meets your needs.


  • Load Limit: 200 lb
  • Weight Overall: 27 lb
  • Top Shelf Length: 27″
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  • Length: 77″
  • Width: 22 3/4″
  • Height Max: 39″
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