AboutWho Are We?

Salesmaker carts are manufactured by Ferno-Washington, Inc., in Wilmington, Ohio. Transportation of heavy or bulky equipment and sundries of other apparatus by automobile is made effortless with the use Salesmaker carts.

The world’s leader in emergency patient-handling cots and stretchers, Ferno-Washington produced the first Salesmaker cart for use in transporting office copiers in 1966. The same theory of rolling a patient on a folding stretcher into an ambulance also applies to rolling sensitive devices into a vehicle.

Salesmaker carts are handmade with the same attention to detail and regard for quality as the emergency stretchers. Only top-quality components go into our carts. We use the finest grade aluminum for exceptional strength. Lightweight, static-free rubber wheels are used for sensitive electronic components, and durable black rubber-matted tops add to the professional appearance.

Loading heavy equipment into a vehicle previously performed by two people becomes a cost-saving, one-person operation. Elimination of lost work days due to back injuries is an added value to companies giving their personnel Salesmaker carts.

With weight capacities up to 1000 pounds, the carts will fit into full-size vans, mini-vans, sports utility vehicles and crossovers. The Salesmaker line includes four wheelers folding so compactly they will fit into the trunk of your sedan, leaving adequate room for your small equipment. You can economize with our heavy duty two-wheeler line.

If steps are a problem with your movement of equipment, ask about our stairclimber model 286. It allows you to maintain your equipment at an even level while negotiating steps or curbs.

The same nationwide network of Ferno-Washington service locations serving the cots and stretcher market offers a lifetime of service from your Salesmaker cart.

Salesmaker Carts, the nationwide marketing arm for the Ferno-Washington Salesmaker line, has two stocking warehouses nationwide with knowledgeable, experienced personnel at each location to properly advise you on the proper cart to fit your needs.

Medical equipment, office equipment, laboratory testing devices, restaurant and beverage machines, photographic gear, musical instruments and myriads of other products are currently being transported daily throughout the world on Salesmaker carts. If you have the need to transport a product on wheels, to and from an automobile, Salesmaker Carts has the answer.