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Salesmaker collapsible folding carts.Ferno Salesmaker

Collapsible folding Ferno carts by Salesmaker will save you time and money by increasing productivity, reducing expensive equipment damage and of course decreasing employee injuries.

Contact us today so we can guide you to the best solution to meet your equipment transportation needs.

The newest addition to the Salesmaker line the Max 1000VH handles loads like no other!

  • 1,000 lb. weight capacity
  • Impressive variable heights
  • Lowers in 4 inch increments
  • 77" long by 22 3/4" wide
  • Side grips for added lifting

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The Max

1,000 lb. Weight Capacity

from Salesmaker Carts

For over 30 years Salesmaker's patented collapsible folding equipment carts have been proven time and time again to:

  • Allow one person to do the job of several
  • Reduce injury and time away from work due to injury
  • Reduce damage to equipment due to mishandling
  • Faster service and sales calls allowing more per day
  • Faster solo deliveries allowing more per day
  • Allow higher converting onsite equipment demos more easily
  • Allow single technician onsite diagnostics more easily
  • Promotes a safer working environment and happier employees

Salesmaker Collapsible and Folding Ferno Carts are designed for equipment needing to be transported to and from a vehicle such as:

  • Healthcare & Medical/Lab equipment
  • Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment
  • Office equipment
  • Audio/video equipment
  • Convention Exhibits
  • Beverage & Food Processing Equipment
  • Precision tool equipment
  • Heavy point-of-sale (P.O.S.) equipment
  • Any load otherwise difficult for one person to handle

Folding Carts by Salesmaker

Collapsible folding equipment carts for industries such as the medical, business machines, beverage and other related fields have become a must thanks to Salesmaker Carts. For over 30 years Salesmaker has been designing alternatives to a standard dolly or handtruck making us the industry leader in folding collapsible medical and other equipment carts.

How to Order

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